There are businesses that succeed by winging it, but those are the exception. Most business who run their business winging it often fail. Small business owners need to have a solid business plan in place that is used as the roadmap for the business. Here are three reasons why a solid business plan is necessary.

1. A Solid Business Plan Increases Your Chances of Success.
a. Helps you document your goals, which increases your chance of accomplishing them.
b. Helps you secure a loan or other funding for your business, so you can grow your business.
c. Helps you determine what team you need to have in place.

2. A solid business plan gives you a clear visual of your company processes.
a. Allows you to create a clear vision and mission for your company.
b. Allows you to identify your target market and their pain points.
c. Allows you to think about the products and services you provide to solve your target’s struggles.
d. Allows you to take a close look at the market, your competitors so you can develop your market strategy and identify how you will set yourself apart from your competitors.

3. A solid business plan gives you the opportunity to analyze your business finances (or create a financial forecast for new businesses).
a. Shows you how your business is being financed right now.
b. Shows you the financing needed in the future.

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