Eric Williams, MTax

Eric Williams - MS, Taxation

Eric enjoys managing the books and handling the taxes!  As a graduate of CUNY, Baruch College with a BS in Accounting and a MS in Taxation from Strayer University, Eric has used his education to manage accounting departments for large and small companies in the financial services, retail grocery and healthcare sectors.  When he opened ERJ Services in 2013, his goal was to use all that education and experience to help small businesses realize their financial objectives.

As a member of the practice with over 20 years of experience, Eric specializes in assisting clients in the areas of tax compliance, accounting support, and financial planning, statement preparation and analysis.  He oversees the bookkeeping and payroll services.  Eric works closely with ERJ Services clients to optimize processes, create budgets and improve forecasting.

Eric is a family man and heavily involved in his church and community.  Applying his secular skills to his dedication to his church and its ministries, he has served in various capacities including Chairman of the Church’s Finance Committee, School Board Treasurer, Chairman of the Fundraising Committee, and Church Treasurer.  He was also a Literary Editor for the National Association of Black Accountants (NY Chapter) Chronicles and a past member of Employment Committee.