Ranelli Williams, CPA, MBA

Ranelli Williams, CPA, MBA, PFP

Ranelli Williams will be the first to admit that she will leave most of the bookkeeping and tax assignments to Eric and their staff, but there isn’t a business financial risk or accounting irregularity safe from her trained eyes as a Certified Public Accountant and a public and internal auditor!  Early in her career, Ranelli cut her teeth with Deloitte, planning, executing, and managing audits of healthcare, higher education, manufacturing and non-profit clients. She has applied that training to guide ERJ Services clients to use accounting as a tool for growth and profitability.

Ranelli really enjoys helping small business owners develop sound accounting SOPs, improve systems, take advantage of tax savings, and practice Profit First strategies.  She particularly enjoys helping start-ups through Business Formations, then assisting them with financial strategy as they grow.

First in her family to obtain a degree of higher learning in 1991, she received a BS in Accounting and an MBA from CUNY, Baruch College and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration Degree in Entrepreneurship at Walden University.

Ranelli is active in the community, particularly in her faith and church on a national scale.  Passionate about helping individuals overcome their fears and activate their faith to walk in their purpose, she is a best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and Legacy Building Catalyst, working with faith-based entrepreneurs and couples to master their money and work towards building a strong financial legacy. Ranelli is the co-founder of the L.I.F.T. Conference, the premier conference in the Poconos for faith-based women in business and ministry who want to grow their business and profits.

As the author of the books, Releasing the Fear and Walking in Faith and Belief, Boldness, BIG Blessings, she brings to life the blessings, miracles, and life changing manifestations that occur in peoples’ lives when they fully put their trust in God. She is also a contributing author in the books The Wife Factor: Becoming an Integral Piece of the Marriage Puzzle, and the bestseller, Rock Bottom is a Beautiful Place: Living Your Calling.

She was also an Adjunct Instructor of Accounting and Personal Finance at the Northampton Community College. She  has also worked with the National Association of Black Accountants, serving as Chair of the Employment Committee and part of the Financial Empowerment Committee.  In her church ministries, she has served as Youth Leader and Mentor, Youth Sponsor, Assistant Treasurer, Assistant Choir Director, member of the Education Committee, Assistant Stewardship Director, and is currently the Stewardship Director.