Alex Navas, Amplified Results

Alex Navas posed looking out over the treesIn our Legacy BuildHeirs™, our bi-weekly newsletter for our monthly retainer clients, we featured one of our longest clients and we want to share that feature with you as well.

We chose Alex for our client highlight for his longevity with ERJ Services. Alex came to ERJ Services in November 2016 and have been with us since. Alex has seen us at our worst when I had to return to work part time when we were going through some growing pains in the business. Alex, we thank you for not judging us and sticking with us as we continued to build and grow. What a difference perseverance makes. We’ve watched you persevere as well to build what you have today. We congratulate you and we also want to say we appreciate you deeply.

About Alex and Amplified Results

Alex Navas is a Business Coach for Family-Focused Entrepreneurs (FamPreneurs™). He helps experts grow wildly profitable online businesses without sacrificing freedom or family time by showing them how to attract an audience of raving fans rather than looking for clients one-by-one. This enables them to have more money, time and freedom to enjoy the life they want and have a business they love.

According to Alex, “After building two successful mortgage businesses, losing it all, and rebuilding the business of my dreams, I know what it takes to build a business, and life, on your terms, and I’m fired up about showing you how! You see, my first successful business back in 2001 taught me what it was like to give my family everything I never had.”

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Here’s what Alex has to say about ERJ Services:

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